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A Miami criminal lawyer with a record of success

The legal practice of Scott F. Kotler, P.A. is defined by an aggressive, hands-on approach. I have represented professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women, and other prominent figures as well as average people caught up in the criminal justice system. Below are a few cases of which I am particularly proud.

State of Florida vs. Baldonado

College basketball standout who played for the Miami Tropics professional basketball team. Charged with kidnapping and aggravated battery. Intense trial preparation and defense leading to dismissal of charges.

State of Florida vs. Dale Davis

Detroit Pistons professional basketball player charged with numerous crimes as a result of a dispute with hotel security and the Miami Dade Police. Undertones of racism and the Pistons being a Miami Heat rival in the NBA. During his arrest he was tasered with 50,000 volts of electricity. Jury trial in front of ex-Miami Dolphin judge Edward Newman. Trial recessed so Mr. Davis could play in the Pistons-Heat game that evening. Detroit won and so did Mr. Davis the next day..acquittal!

State vs. Gray

Trial defense attorney; This case effectively abolished the attempted felony murder rule in the State of Florida

State vs. Srithip

Successfully defended the rights of a non English speaking defendant charged with D.U.I. where investigation was done in English without the aid of an interpreter; Acquitted.

State vs. M.K.

Successfully defended an attorney criminally charged in State court with fraud (unlawful compensation); Year-long litigation resulting in the State dismissing all charges.

State vs. Novillo

Successfully defended a previously unrepresented individual who had a restraining order issued against her by her next door neighbor.  She was charged with violating court and was facing one year in the Dade County Jail; Acquitted.

State vs. Ramsey

Battery; domestic violence allegation during a contentious divorce; bench trial – not guilty.

articles01State vs. Kelly

Assistant State Attorney, Trial resulting in conviction of home invasion robbers of then Mayor Xavier L. Suarez

State vs. Castro

Successfully defended the rights of a Cuban Mariel wrongfully charged for the behavior of another individual; Acquitted.

State vs. Spencer

Successfully defended the rights of an individual who was wrongfully targeted and charged for a lewd crime; Acquitted.

State vs. Saavedra

Successfully defended the President of Vigilia Mambisa (anti-Castro Group) who headed a non-violent protest pertaining to the Elian Gonzalez matter; Acquitted.

State vs. Argote

Career criminal falsely accused of violent felonies where the State was seeking forty (40) years in prison; Acquitted.

State vs. Jones

Obstruction of justice – client accused of giving a false date of birth and social security number to law enforcement; bench trial – not guilty.

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