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Criminal Defense

The criminal justice system can be confusing and frightening. In addition to potential jail sentence, anyone facing criminal charges risks significant penalties that can have a disastrous effect on future job prospects. Those who choose an inexperienced lawyer risk heavier sentences and grave legal mistakes.

Scott F. Kotler, P.A. provides criminal defense services to Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. I am a former prosecutor who has been defending people caught up in the criminal justice system since 1992. My practice covers a wide variety of criminal defense areas. If you have concerns or questions about your case, speak with me first.

A Miami attorney well versed in all areas of criminal law

As a former prosecutor and a defense attorney for more than two decades, I have seen nearly every kind of criminal matter.

My practice focuses on:

  • Domestic violence: Accusations carry a serious stigma. I treat all my clients with respect and professionalism. Someone accused of domestic violence should not let a single accusation change the direction of their life.
  • Drug Crimes: Nonviolent drug offenses regularly ensnare thousands of people in the criminal justice system every year. Many charges come with heavy sentences that affect the rest of a dependent’s life. An attorney familiar with all types of drug crimes can make a major difference in the outcome of possession, distribution and trafficking cases.
  • DUI defense: A simple good time too often results in a charge that ruins career opportunities and can even result in a jail sentence. An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) requires a lawyer capable of getting the charge reduced or dismissed.
  • Expunctions and sealing of cases: A charge can be removed from your record through expunction or sealed with a court order. Having those records legally removed after a charge is dismissed is an important step forward for any defendant. Speak with me to find out more about possibilities for expunging or sealing your record.
  • Violent crimes: Offenses like assault, robbery and murder carry the heaviest sentences that courts can impose. if you face these serious charges, you may risk decades of jail time or worse. Using an inexperienced defense attorney is a serious risk. I have tried many violent crime cases and I can make a difference in the results.

I focus my legal practice on criminal law in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area. After decades of practice, I have dealt with nearly every aspect of criminal law. No matter what charge you face, you need an experienced attorney. I can help.

Call me today to schedule a free initial consultation at my office.

If you face a criminal charge of any kind, you need to know your rights an options. If you are concerned about the cost of legal defense, speak with me first before deciding on representation.

Contact my office today at 305-804-2436 or online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Scott is an excellent attorney!
I dont want to go too much into detail, but due to a misunderstanding I was facing serious child neglect charges. Mr. Kotler was able to explain my situation to the State Attorney who was able to dismiss the case. I really appreciate all his help. - a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)
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